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History of GOODTIRE

Founded in 1976


Founded in 1976

GOODTIRE RUBBER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was founded in 1976. It started with inner tubes for a limited number of vehicle models, after years of continuous improvement in production process, yield and investment in research and development energy, our product line now has covered a wide range of vehicle transportation tools to meet the needs of customers in various regions or transportation industries, GOODTIRE RUBBER has also expanded our business all over the world in supporting production, OEM products as well as our own name brand products.


With the accelerated development globalization trend and the increasingly fierce competition, GOODTIRE RUBBER has set up production bases overseas since 1995 in response to the global layout strategy, combined with the needs of international partners and close to the consumer market, with continuous research and development, customized product services and professional production, business and management teams, we have developed into a world-leading professional manufacturer of inner tubes and rim flaps.

GOODTIRE RUBBER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a global rubber manufacturing service company. Since our establishment in 1976, GOODTIRE has adhered to the business philosophy of “INTEGRITY, TEAMWORK, QUALITY, and INNOVATION”. In this ever-changing era, the business environment is faced with tremendous challenges from time to time. We are grateful to customers' long-term trust and affirmation; the Company can continue to grow steadily.

There is an old saying in Taiwan that goes “Thank the tree while eating its fruit”, and we are fully aware of the same meaning with “April showers bring May flowers”, therefore, with the growth of business scale of the company, we strive to fulfill the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In the days to come, GOODTIRE RUBBER will continue to be grateful and uphold the belief of “Take from Society, Give back to Society”, with the concerted efforts of all the colleagues of GOODTIRE, we are committed to give back to society with concrete actions, hoping to bring positive energy to society, furthermore, to achieve the objective of business sustainable operation.

Chaireman of GOODTIRE C.L Hung

Chairman's Message

Bring The Positive Energy To Society

Business Philosophy


Integrity is the foundation of corporate management. We treat employees, partners, customers, suppliers or external organizations with integrity, earnestly fulfill our responsibilities and obligations, firmly stand by our commitments and treat others with integrity.


We attach great importance to talent cultivation, establish a work environment in compliance with the government regulations, provide high-quality working conditions, promote the balance between work and life, and create the corporate culture of a big family.


From production to sales, no step can be ignored, the pursuit of perfect quality, friendly to the environment, to meet customer needs, and to take measures to continue improvement.


We are committed to continue research and development, combining the characteristics of our products with the needs of our users, providing customized products and convenient services.


The Core of Business Philosophy

Always Adhering To The Business Philosophy Since GOODTIRE Founded

The core value of these two major philosophies “Integrity and Teamwork” is “People” as we trust and respect each individual, treat people with sincerity and act on business with integrity, and we gather people who believe in these values, we form the team. This team assists the corporate in successful management, so we value the team as our own family members.

Pay Great Attention To TEAMWORK

The core values of “Quality and Innovation” are products and services, which are also the key to the success of corporate management, as we do not compromise on quality, seek technical improvement, refine our professional and continuously pursue the perfection of product and service quality.

Enjoys Challenge

Facing the ever changing external environment, the challenges will only be more, but we believe that the way of conquering these trials is innovation, and it is based on science and technology, attaches great importance to environmental protection issues, not only the innovation in diversified products, but also the innovation in services. Such an idea of considering others in our own place, improving the satisfaction of suppliers or customers, so that we receive corresponding loyalty in return that enable our Company capable of continuous growth and sustainable operation.

Excellence in Growth

From A to A+

Striving For Excellence

The Best of Quality

The Company's headquarters is located in Taipei and has production bases overseas, and actively obtain the certification of global authoritative organizations and various types of permits of regional governments or departments, and each field operator has received professional education and training to ensure that customers receive the highest quality products and services.

Diversified Customization

We specialize in the production of rubber products, have industry-leading technology, and continue to invest in research and development, actively introduce the latest automation equipment, advanced production process environment, and develop multiple high-quality formulas to meet the different requirement of different regions, and capable of producing adjustment to provide customers with customized requirement flexibly and quickly.

Professional Customer Service

In terms of management, we have an international professional service team, a single service window, close to and understand customers, create profits and value for them, and achieve our leadership position in the industry, and become one of the few Taiwanese corporations to have own name brand and OEM business fields with outstanding performance. We strive to pursue higher and better, strongly urge ourselves to be faster and further, and excellence is our goal.

  • 1

    We care for every employee.

  • 2

    Promote the team cooperation and communication, strengthen innovation and organizational learning.

  • 3

    Satisfy customer needs by quality and value.

  • 4

    Increase the responsibility as corporate social citizens.

  • 5

    Be friendly to environment, people and safety.

  • 6

    Break through the limitations of traditional industries, and actively innovate with new thinking and new roles.

  • 7

    Maintain a good corporate culture and aim for sustainable operation.

Corporate Vision

Self-Expectations Of GOODTIRE